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FAQ:  Carious Teeth - Cavities

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I am 51 and have had excellent oral health. Due to my insurance plan, I'm bouncing around to different dentists every year. My newest dentist informed me at my last cleaning that my teeth looked very good and required very little cleaning since my last visit 8 months ago. He did see two pitts, very small, on either side of my molars that will require filling or they will eventually become cavities.

I was under the impression and often told by earlier dentists that the older you get, and if you maintain good oral care, your teeth will actually get harder and random popping up of cavities is less likely. Even the last dentist I visited a year ago saw no problems with my teeth and make the comment that my teeth were like rocks.

Was my last dentist pulling my leg or is my current dentist a little too aggressive. Or, should I get a second opinion. ... Visitor from VA

My opinion is that you would be best served by a dentist that you can trust.

That most likely means that you go to someone and try to develop a relationship that you feel comfortable with. You may have to pay out of your pocket but I think that would be the best.

Your insurance company or companies are not interested in your health. They are interested in spending the least amount of money possible.

Editorial Staff

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