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FAQ:  Carious Teeth - Cavities

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Can you please tell me the cause of multiple early caries not related to poor dental care. Even with scrupulous hygiene I had multiple caries by the age of 7. I am still very prone to decay. Most dentists I've seen want to relate it to sugary drinks etc but that is not the case with me.

Incidentially my son suffers with the same problem. In fact one of his central teeth simply crumbled. There must be some pathology here. I am very tired of dentists who immediately assume poor hygiene before even assessing the problem. Any ideas?

I appreciate your concern for the care of your teeth and your sons. It is possible in spite of good oral hygiene to have enamel crumble and get carious teeth. If diet and oral hygiene have been ruled out as a cause, you are right to suggest a different etiology for the problem.

It is possible to have a genetic defect of the enamel forming organ of the tooth. It is called Amelogenesis Imperfecta. It is also possible to have defective enamel as a result of the ingestion of certain drugs or even too much fluoride. You will need to visit a dentist with more knowledge of dental pathology to determine the exact cause. In any event, your teeth and your sons need to be restored so that no further deterioration to your dentition occurs.

Editorial Staff

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