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Jaw Broken: I had one of my wisdom teeth removed about 5 or 6 years ago and everything, I thought, went smoothly.... but I should have known, maybe not as smoothly as I thought.

I was still half asleep and the dentist office said "no charge" and kinda shoved me out the door as soon as possible.

The next time I went to see a dentist was about 6 months to a year later. They said "do you know half your upper jaw is missing"?! I said "No". I didn't know what to do about it.

I mean I've heard about people getting their jaws broken while having wisdom teeth pulled so I figured everything would be alright, but so far it's messed up my bite line ruining a lot of my other teeth, my eyesight and sinuses.

What should I do? ...Visitor from Perry

You might consider contacting your State Dental Board for advice.

You might also investigate the possibilities of getting prosthodontic treatment through your State Dental Schools. Many of them offer significant cost savings for a variety of treatment needs.

Editorial Staff

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