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6 months after braces: I had worn a NTI devise for 1 yr which gave slight open bite. My teeth were straight but one excisor was turned.

I wore braces upper only for 2 years. I noticed that my bite matched but my upper jaw moved far enough back to make me look like a flatter upper lip. I have worn a retainer for 6 months now and on my next visit to the orthodontist I will bring up concerns.

In the morning my upper teeth touch lower and is causing a slight chip in front top tooth. My regular dentist wants me to wear old night guard and to do a fill in of chip. OK, so I can see the money piling up here.

With just my retainer from ortho, I can feel more tension in TMJ and very slight tinge in front tooth that is chipped. SO..my old night guard takes tension off TMJ at night but what do I need to do? Any chance of moving my front teeth forward a bit and still protect teeth like a mouth guard? ... Visitor from Deroit

It is not unusual for orthodontic treatment to cause TMJ or Neuromscular dental issues.

While wearing a night guard is a smart thing to do to protect teeth, the bigger suspected issue is that your jaws have a different resting position while you are sleeping. The slightest amount of bite pressure can easily chip a tooth.

Get a consult with a Prosthodontist. They are the "masters" of the adult bite.

Editorial Staff

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