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Underbite developed after braces - 13 year old girl: My 13 year old daughter is being treated for spacing and a slight overbite. A Pallet expander was used and a mold taken before braces were applied showed a very slight overbite.

Flash forward 5/6 months and now my daughter had developed a class 3 malocclusion and my ortho recommends I speak to an oral surgeon. Did the braces and springs affect upper jaw growth? From birth to right before braces were applied her jaws were in line with each other. ... Visitor from Wakefield

Admittedly, it is odd to see such a large change in occlusion in only 5-6 months time. It is likely that "growth factors" are to blame to some extent. Growth spurts are very unpredictable and can cause events that were not foreseen.

Orthodontic appliances always affect growth patterns. Most accomplished care providers monitor anticipated changes closely.... to assure that milestones are achieved...... and not exceeded.

Consider getting a consult with a Prosthodontist... the masters of the adult bite.. BEFORE consulting with an oral surgeon.

You may want to consult with your state dental board regarding the current treatment experience.

Editorial Staff

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