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FAQ:  Bone Grafts

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My 16 year old daughter is missing both permanent lateral incisors and will need implants.

She is not a candidate till she is around 18 -20 years old. They are going to put in Maryland Bridges. The retainer with the fake teeth are not very conducive.

She will also need bone grafts prior to implants and currently her gums are somewhat sunk in where these teeth should have been. Should she get the bone grafts done before the Maryland Bridges as opposed to waiting for the implants?

She also had braces so her teeth are straight, but they feel the Maryland bridges will be more effective in preventing shifting. ...Visitor from TX

Bone grafts, once healed (2-3 months) need to have implants placed within a short amount of time. Prolonging the placement of implants will cause the new grafts to deteriorate.

It is the stimulation from the implants that keeps bone healthy.

The sunken appearance of gum tissue actually reflects the amount of bone that is lacking. Gum tissue "follows" bone level.

Once she becomes a candidate for implant surgery, all of those treatments will likely occur at the same time.... creating levels of bone at each implant site that corresponds with the adjacent bone heights to provide the best foundation for full osseointegration of the new implants.

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