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FAQ:  Bone Grafts

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Healing time after graft: Extraction of large upper right molar six weeks ago. Tooth had small crack and had an abcess.

Oral surgeon performed graft at time of extraction in anticipation of implants down the road. Extraction site is still raw, tender and painful, and appearance looks just the same as it did one week after extraction.

Bone above extraction site is often painful during the day as well. Pain is not excrutiating, may 4 or 5 out of 10. During follow-ups, surgeon says everything looks fine, it was a very large hole, and that I must be a slow healer.

Is it normal to still be in this much pain six weeks after surgery? Is this healing time an indication of the healing time expected after implant? ...Visitor from NJ

Consider getting a consult with an Implant Periodontist who has access to a cone beam ctscan.

There is a remote possibility that a root tip fragment is lingering, which is not uncommon for difficult molar extractions.

3D imaging by an experienced periodontist can locate this material, if it exists. Old fashioned 2D xrays make it difficult for nearly any dentist or specialist to find it.

The fragment MUST be removed.... otherwise infection can become deeply seated in the jawbone.

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