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FAQ:  Bone Grafts

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Bone improvement: I recently had implant surgery. My dentist said I had the worst bone loss he ever saw.

He said the bone just crumbled. He did bone grafts but is there anything I can do to make sure the bone grafts take or to help my bone become stronger?

I have had bone tests done on a regular basis and always came back normal. Is there something I can take to help the bone? I am 66 years old.

I did teeth in a day but they were only able to put a partial plate in the front until the implants heal. ...Visitor from MA

Whether or not nutritive supplements can benefit you is best determined by a Periodontist. Your mention of having "bone tests" performed suggests that you may have a medical or medication history that interferes with ordinary bone health dynamics.

Many dentists are familiar with or routinely use one or two bone grafting technologies.

In the event bone improvement has not been ideal, get a consult or two with a Periodontist, Prosthodontist or dental implant surgeon who can discuss: chin block grafts, ramus grafts, tent grafting, and ridge splitting.

We know of dentists and periodontists who have never turned away a bone graft case for dental implant placements. The difficulty is finding these doctors.

Review our video library that provides demonstrations of these bone grafting choices.

Editorial Staff

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