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FAQ:  Bone Grafts

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I currently have a bridge which is attached to my eyetooth, my dentist suggested that I have a scraping to clean the area and then stated that I have a large pocket, which he suggests that may cause me to loose the eyetooth and then of course the bridge. He suggested that he graft bone to the area, but the cost seemed quite high. I consulted another dentist and he suggested that perhaps my bite could be adjusted due to the fact that the bridge on my uppers and the cap on my lowers seem to be too high and affect that area each time I chew. He stated that by keeping the area clean and making this adjustment I might not need to have the bone grafting at least for a while. He also suggested that I wear a brace at night time since I seem to be grinding my teeth.

Upon discussing this with my current dentist, he did not concur with any of the suggestions. The dentist I consulted with regarding this problem was my dentist in Chicago for the many years I lived there. My Chicago dentist said that he did not disagree with the current dentists idea and said that it would be the ideal situation but felt that I could avoid the surgery and try correcting the bite prior to having this surgery which he felt I may or may not need. My current dentist was quite angry when I suggested that he could call my Chicago dentist and discuss this with him. I did have him clean and scrape the area but doubt that I will be his patient any longer.

When looking in your files I couldn't find any suggestion of bone grafting being done, unless you had already lost the tooth, is this some type of new procedure? Who else should I consult, is their anyone in my area who might give me another opinion. ...Visitor from AR

I happen to agree with both dentists.... Depending on the situation.

I do not have any radiographs of your mouth and can not see you now so that makes the specific diagnosis more difficult.

However.... It is quite possible and something that we in dentistry do every day is to graft bone around teeth to give them more support. In my opinion though unless you remove the cause then the graft will either not work or will be short lived no matter who does it. So adjusting the bite exactly and perfectly cleaning the area daily is a big deal and I think should be a part of the solution.

I think you have to find someone you feel like you can trust and who you are willing to follow their directions.

Yes dentistry is expensive at times. But if can take real good care of it it has a chance to last a long time.

As for looking for someone to help you with this complex problem you can look in the directories that are associated with these web sites to find some one close to you who can help you more.

Editorial Staff

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