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FAQ:  Bone Grafts - Part B

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Bone Grafts Ask The Dentist Ara Nazarian Question:
Dentures - bone graft for every tooth extracted? I need dentures. NO implants, just a full upper and partial lower.

Besides normal charges for extractions, impressions and immediate dentures, they say I need bone grafts to fill in/level out EVERY socket where teeth are extracted, in order for the dentures to fit properly.

This makes the whole thing incredibly expensive. Neither my wife's parents nor my parents had any such bone grafts when they got their dentures many years ago. Is this really necessary?

The same dentist office is suggesting dentures AND bone grafts to my wife too, who had no gum disease or bone loss. Must one have bone grafts for dentures? ...Visitor from TX

Depending on the situation, I have found it better to provide a solid foundation for future implants and reduction of resorption (meltnig away of bone) by having patients get bone grafting done.

Is it absolutely necessary? Maybe not.

But it would provide a great solid foundation for whatever you have planned for the future. Again, inorder to really know, I would need to do an exam and necessary xrays.

A Nazarian, DDS

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