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FAQ:  Bone Grafts - Part B

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Implants without bone grafts? I had a bridge at one time but it came loose not long after it was put in. I was told it came loose from the bone.

I have always had issues with the upper part of my mouth. I have had upper dentures for years now and a lower partial. I would love to do away with them but not sure i am a good candidate. I also have sinus problems.

I also have dental phobia...all I have to do is smell the office. I've have had some pretty bad experiences. ...Visitor from MD

It is true that you have probably lost some jawbone over the past 25 years. Have your dentures become loose and hard to keep in?

Dental titanium implants once placed in the jawbone, osseointegrate (fuse) to the bone and become one. They are strong and act like real tooth roots to stimulate the jawbone from continuing to wear away. They are also strong enough to support a loose upper or lower denture, or even support a free standing set of upper or lower teeth as well (the teeth are set firm and do not come out, which allow the patient to eat whatever they want).

Even if some or a lot of jawbone has been lost over the years from pressure necrosis from loose dentures, there are things that can be done to shore up and strengthen the upper and lower jaws before the implants are placed.

The first step is an implant evaluation to determine the quality of your jawbone. Once this is done, options can be discussed to restore your mouth. At age 54, you may have many more years to enjoy a healthy strong bite, with implant supported dentures or fixed implant supported teeth that do not come out.

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