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FAQ:  Bone Grafts

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Bone Grafts Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Which bone graft material is best? I had my bottom 2 front teeth pulled do to bone loss.

I had a bone graft with cadaver bone 7 months ago. My doctor now thinks I need a tissue graft with the implants.

I went to another oral surgeon who thinks I need to have the grafting done again with my own bone because he thinks cadaver bone is not a good choice. He does not think I need tissue grafting.

Do you see good success with cadaver bone? ...Visitor from GA

Cadaveric bone is a great substitute if your own bone isn't being harvested as it provides a scaffold that will promote bone regeneration.

Most dentists will use other things like plasma rich proteins or calcium phosphate with the graft to further aid in bone regeneration.

I don't understand if your surgeon wants to graft because the graft failed, was insufficient or just because they don't like cadaver bone???

If the bone has been grafted and is sufficient for implant placement - why would you want to go through another cost, surgery and risk potential infection or graft failure?

So speak to the doctor that did the graft, ask if there are any problems, if need be get a third opinion but just saying "he doesn't think cadaver bone was a good choice" is not a reason to redo something if it was done successfully! Best of luck

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