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FAQ:  Bone Grafts

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Bone Grafts Dentistry Richard Winter Question:
My daughter had a BB injury to 2 of her upper front teeth.

She has now had a bone graft and 2 implants but the implants need to come out because one of the implants was up too high due to too much bone loss.

The bone graft only partially took, graft was from her mandible I believe. Our next option is to do another bone graft with cadaver bone? Is this better than a bridge? ...Visitor from SD

Unfortunately it is impossible for me to comment on your daughter's situation via the internet.

You need to go to a dentist that does extensive implant surgery to discuss her options. If the bone graft was done by an Oral Surgeon, then he or she should be able to educate you about her options.

If cadaveric bone is used it is usually used with bone from your daughter as her own bone is the gold standard for grafting.

So if it only partially took, then another graft may be needed and this should be from her ramus or symphysis (mandible or chin) as determined by the surgeon.

A bridge is not better as it requires removal of tooth structure on virgin, healthy teeth-and this is an irreversible procedure.

The bridge is an option but without seeing her and doing a complete exam, I can't tell you your options and advantages of the procedures. I wish you the best of luck and if you don't get the answers to your questions, get a second opinion from another implant surgeon in your area.

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