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FAQ:  Crowns - Failed Placements

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Flat crown: I had a crown put in on a molar that I find is shaped well on the sides but on the top surface it is almost flat, instead of having a deep indentation like my original molar, and all my other molars.

I asked my dentist about this but he said this was a better shape. After I developed pain he filed the tooth and made it even flatter (and filed the tooth above it as well).

Isn't the crown supposed to be shaped exactly like the original? ... Visitor from FL

This question may be a little difficult to answer without evaluating your occlusion and the opposing teeth.

You may be correct and the anatomy on the top of the tooth is poor and may not function as efficiently. The problem is, does the crown meet an acceptable standard of care?

It probably does but may not meet mine nor other dentists who provide the best that modern dentistry can provide.

Patients who are enrolled in a PPO or HMO dental plan may unfortunately not benefit from top shelf dentistry.

If dentists are required to accept discounted dental fees, they are forced to send lab work to a lower priced lab. Patients in a PPO or HMO plan need to be proactive and ask the dentist if it is possible pay the difference and upgrade to a better more esthetic lab.

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