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FAQ:  Crowns - Failed Placements

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Removal of new crown: I have a crown on a right front tooth.

When it was put on it was not pushed all the way up to the gum so it sits lower than the other three front teeth.

Can it be heated or something and removed and modified so it will meet the gum as designed? A woman dentist put it on and possibly she wasn't strong enough to push it the last little way it needed to go.

I had a cowboy dentist who was busy trying to sell me some thing else that told me it couldn't be taken off. I think he's nuts. Help! ... Visitor from FL

It sounds like the fit of the crown was not verified before it was cemented.

Either the crown did not fit properly or the contact areas between the teeth were too tight and did not permit seating.

In any event the crown cannot be pulled off easily without making a hole in it which may destroy the crown. You can either grind down the crown so that it is level with the other teeth or cut it off and remake it.

Sorry, hope this has helped.

Editorial Staff

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