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Bad Teeth: Tori

Exostosis - Tori

Overgrowth of soft bone tissue can occur in three locations within the oral cavity. A mandibular torus typically forms on the floor of the mandible. Often thought to be caused by inheritable predispositions to excess tissue growth, many periodontists consider the tissue growth is a response to excess biting or clenching behaviors.

Mother nature will create more soft bone tissue as the biting pressures increase.

Tori can also occur on the palate, or roof of the mouth and also on the buccal surfaces of the upper or lower arches. Excessive accumulations of this tissue can negatively affect overall tissue health and oral health.

Periodontists and skilled general dentists commonly use a combination of motorized instruments or high power laser instruments to remove the excess tissue.

This gallery contains examples of some of the more common types of Tori. A video demonstrating periodontal removal of the tissue is also provided

An unusual and rather extreme acummulation of tori on the upper arch. As with other instances of tori, bite pressure dynamics play a critical role.

Periodontists typically provide the cosmetic and functional outcomes that patients want. Combinations of laser based treatments as well as motorized, abrasive techniques are used. A general dentist or periodontal specialist possessing ideal attention to detail can create an outcome that recreates what Mother Nature originally provided.

Maxillary Upper Jaw Tori
Upper Jaw Tori
Dr Chris McFarland, Atlanta GA

The almost perfectly symmetrical overgrowth of soft bone and soft tissue reveals a pattern that suggests the distribution of biting pressures upon the lower arch.

This adult male patient had several reconstructive and orthodontic treatment needs for correcting his bite. Motorized instruments were used to remove the tissue.

Mandibular Tori

Extreme exostosis. Treatment was delayed for a significant amount of time, causing deep furrows that accumulated food debri and bacteria.

Aside from the considerable discomfort that can occur with these amounts of soft bone accumuation, the impact upon oral health conditions can have deleterious effects for overall dentition.

Extreme Exostosis

Buccal exostosis removal video. See how Periodontist Edward Brant uses a variety of instruments to safely remove tissue growth that developed in a pattern that eventually made eating more difficult.

As with other Tori, overall oral health was slowly becoming compromised due to difficulty in keeping the gingival areas free of bacteria and contaminants.

Exostosis Surgery
Exostosis Removal - Click to Watch

Edward Brant DMD, Long Island NY

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