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Bad Teeth: Super Erupted Tooth Structures

Supererupted Teeth

Supereruptions of tooth structures are typically events that are caused by a disruption or loss of one or more opposing tooth structures.

One of the most common examples of supereruption that many people are familiar with is when a single wisdom or molar tooth is removed, yet leaving the opposing tooth intact.

Since a mandibular molar has a stronger likelihood of being extracted before an upper molar, extraction of the lower molar will slowly cause a downward movement of the upper tooth.

Loss of jawbone integrity is also highly predictable.

This gallery contains several examples of tooth eruption, some including views of large groups of supererupted teeth that has occured in response to loss of or disruption in normal occlusion.

This is an unusual super erupted tooth. Notice how the process of moving upwards has caused significant bone loss and soft tissue loss that is limited to one tooth. Very unusual - it can also be noted that gum disease is present.

Treatment options would require removal of the tooth with replacement options that could include possible bone grafting, a dental implant, gum surgery, tissue grafting, a 3 unit bridge cemented or screw retained bridge, or partial.

Worst Super Erupted Tooth
Super Eruption and more
Edward Brant, DDS, MS, Long Island, NY

Supereruption along with lots of other nasty stuff. What came first... the chicken or the egg? This is another example of how one condition becomes severe enough to cause a cascading effect of other dental problems.

Treatment options would include extractions, partials, dental implants, gum surgery, bone grafting, periodontal tissue grafts, denture prosthetics, porcelain crowns and/or fixed bridges.

Eruption pic
Super Eruption and more
Edward Brant, DDS, MS, Long Island, NY

Supereruption of lower anterior teeth, decay under the old crowns. Resulting in bite collapse, deep overbite, additional tooth loss. Decay under bonded composite fillings, bone loss in edentulous areas.

Treatment options would include root canals, gum surgery, dental implants, denture prosthetics, porcelain crowns and/or fixed bridges.

Bone Loss - Super Eruption - Crown Decay

An unusual occlusal disorder causing unusual wear and tear on remaining central incisors in the lower jaw. A home brew "fix" of using metallic adhesive on the broken upper prosthesis may have accelerated this unusual wear pattern.

Treatment may include extractions of lower incisors, trimming of excess bone height, selective replacement of prosthetics, new dentures, overdenture, new partials, fixed bridge combinations.

occlusal_incisor supereruption
Malocclusion - Central Incisor Super Eruption
Anrew Kelly DDS

Supereruption of lower front teeth, bad bite, poor occlusion. Gum Disease with calculus stuck to the lower front teeth, bone loss, tooth drifting and rotating or moving, old amalgum fillings decaying. The upper two front teeth are removable, via a "flipper". Dental acrylic on the removable partial denture has stained and looks dirty or brown. It is just old and can be replaced.

Lower teeth have to be extracted, bone graft on implants or a fixed or removable dental bridge are treatment possibilities.

Gum Disease - Bone Loss - Super Eruption

Lower teeth superupted, deep overbite, missing congenitally the upper lateral incosors and back molar teeth, gum recession and tooth erosion, teeth are drifting, bite is not stable, tooth abrasion, bruxism and heavy tooth wear as the angles on the lower front teeth are from clenching and tooth grinding or bruxism

Super Eruption - Missing Incisors

Lower teeth have supererupted and upper teeth also have super erupted which has caused significant deep overbite, poor dental occlusion, occlusal trauma, bruxism, bone overgrowth, worn incisal edges.

Treatment options can include implant surgery, porcelain crowns, different variations of bridgework or denture partials.

Super Eruptions - Bone Overgrowth

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