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Bad Teeth: Oral Lesions

Soft Tissue Growth Abnormalities

Some of the more common oral lesions include cold sores, apthous ulcers and oral herpes. Viral agents typically cause these types of treatment conditions.

Lesions can also occur as a result of medication effects resulting from extended chemotherapy (sometimes associated with xerostomia - dry mouth).

Poorly fabricated denture products and in some cases, dental crowns, can be a source of irritation.

Tobacco use, regardless of it's form (cigarettes, cigars, pipe, chewing tobacco, snuff, etc) is also known to cause unusual reactions in gingival tissues for some patients.

Recommended treatments vary, based on the degree of the tissue growth involved and the potential of the condition becoming pre-cancerous.

This gallery contains examples of different types of lesions accruing to a variety of known causes.

An example of Leukoplakia (or erythroplakia, when red in color), a condition that can affect the tongue and mucous membranes of the mouth. Chronic irritation is the usual cause. This patient, a heavy smoker, has the common characteristics of this type of lesion that appears as tissue that is somewhat raised, thick and has a hardened surface.

Treatment would include a cessation of tobacco use. Surgical removal of the tissue may be necessary if conservative treatments are unsuccessful. Left untreated, there is a slight risk of the lesion developing cancerous changes.

Leukoplakia Photo
Leukoplakia - Heavy smoker
Paul Sussman, DMD

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