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Bad Teeth: Invisalign Treatment Examples

Adult Orthodontic Teeth Straightening and Alignment

Invisalign has become renowned world wide for providing an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments that incorporate metal braces, brackets and wires. While the mainstay of definitive treatments for younger patients who are typically undergoing developmental growth changes, metal bracket systems are not the treatment of choice for many adults.

iBraces, another treatment alternative growing in popularity, provide the benefits of traditional orthodontics through a proprietary alignment system that is mounted to the teeth on the lingual side of the teeth. Brackets and wires are essentially hidden from view.

A large variety of orthodontic issues can be effectively treated with Invisalign clear braces. Tooth spacing, tilting, minor rotations and uneven incisal surfaces are a few of the issues that are represented in the pictures shown below.

Orthodontics and Teeth Bleaching treatment combo. A severe diastema treatment need pretreated with bleaching products. Power whitening has been completed and patient is ready to begin her use of Invisalign clear braces..

Invisalign Teeth Whitening Combination
White Teeth - See Through Cosmetics
Richard Winter, DDS, MAGD

Multiple, mixed adult overbite - crossbite issues. Extreme mandibular arch and tooth positioning abnormality.

lower arch deformity Troy
Congenital - Developmental Growth Abnormalities
Ara Nazarian, DDS

Lower arch alignment distortion. Significant, developmental growth concerns untreated during adolescence continue into adulthood. Luckily, upper arch wasn't adversely affected. Slight evidence of tetracycline stain banding.

tooth repositioning realignment
Poor tooth positioning
James Sanderson, DMD

Both upper and lower anterior teeth show significant overcrowding and abnormal positioning which has altered bite and wear on tooth structures.

maxillary mandibular teeth straightening
Overcrowding - Erratic Anterior Bite
James Sanderson, DMD

Tilted anterior teeth, minor tooth rotation, uneven bite

tilted uneven incisal edges
Biting Surface Inbalance
G. Bram, DDS

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