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Bad Teeth: Severe Breakage

Multiple Broken Teeth

Like many other serious occlusal problems, the inititating condition can be either minor or major.

A common cause of tooth breakage can occur with trauma. It is not uncommon for children and teenagers to break certain tooth structures. Bonding and replacement choices are popular treatments that are effective.

In contrast, a tooth that suffers physical trauma but does not necessarily break but become rotated or shifted, occlusally... can often cause more serious problems later.

Receiving orthodontic or individual treatments for rotated teeth or teeth that have poor occlusion due to overbites, underbites or crossbites are popular, especially with the younger populations.

Adults however, tend to be more efficient procrastinators when it comes to their own treatments, for whatever the reasons (time, affordability, perceived value, etc). While forestalling any kind of recommended treatment can be one of those "it seemed like a good idea at the time" .... it can certainly develop into a serious health issue with almost unimagineable results.

This gallery contains examples of broken teeth that can arise from poor oral hygiene, dysfunctional occlusion, untreated oral infections, severe caries, untreated repairs of previous restorations, bruxing, failed orthodontics, followup recommendation failures, etc.

Cosmetic Dental Grilles have been the rage now for a few years. Silver, gold, diamond or jewel studded. This young patient though didn't get much usage from his gold grilles. The change in his occlusion caused by the gold grille caused his teeth to crumble. He had them fitted by a jeweler (interesting) for about $700. Now, however, he will need to spend about $4500.00 to repair what has been lost.

Planned treatment may include root canals, build ups and posts, fitted with new porcelain crowns. What is unfortunate is that until this mishape with a teeth grille, he had perfectly healthy teeth, not a single cavity.

Grille Damaged Front Teeth
Dental Grille Damage
Richard Winter, DDS, MAGD

Occlusal dysfunction, bone loss, super eruption, severe decay and multiple tooth loss can occur at an alarming rate. Tooth breakage or total loss can initiate the changes in occlusal bite that can eventually destroy nearly all dentition due to abnormal distribution of power biting forces.

Reconstructive and rehabilitative treatment options could include creative bone grafting, bridgework, crowns, implants, fixed bridges, dentures, partials and implant supported dentures.

Breaking Teeth
Total Dysfunction
Ira Koeppel, DDS

Normal wear and tear issues that are not treated on a routine basis commonly cause a cascading effect of severe and unusual breakage patterns over a patient's lifetime. Occlusion and bite become quite distorted.

Treatment options could include bone grafts, crowns, bridges, implants, fixed bridges, dentures, partials and implant supported dentures.

Old Worn Out Teeth
Severe Long Term Breakage
Richard Winter, DDS, MAGD

Rampant decay develops from not treating earlier decay issues with teeth. As teeth rot destroys tooth structures and occlusal relationships, overall dentition fails at an accelerated rate.

Choices of treatment could include multiple extractions, bone grafting, gum tissue grafts, denture products, gum disease management, implants, fixed bridges, cantilevered bridgework, partials and implant supported dentures.

Decayed Rotten Broke Teeth
Dental Rot
Dr Ron Briglia

Bone and tooth loss, in the upper jaw, that is commonly associated with long term use of partials and/or fixed bridges. Bone resorption occurs at all extraction sites over time. Additional breakage of remaining anchor teeth, in this case, at the gum line.

Treatment can consist of traditional denture, implant anchored denture, implant supported bridge, variation of an All On Four or Teeth In An Hour product, possibility of mini implant retained denture.

maxillarly breakage
Physical Trauma Injury - Two Anterior Teeth
Andrew Kelly, DDS

The upper jaw, involving primarily the two front teeth, sustained a direct hit by a softball. One tooth structure was totally destroyed, broken off at the gumline.

Treatment recommendations can include bridgework, implants, crowns or a partial denture.

Sports Softball Baseball Injury
Sports Trauma Injury - Two Anterior Teeth
Kristin Petulla, DDS

Sports related injury causes loss of two front teeth in a very young man. Minimal damage to underlying bone tissue and connective tissue. A mouthguard, designed differently for many types of sports activities, can prevent this level of damage.

Treatment recommendations could include a partial denture, cemented bridge, individual implants, implant supported bridge.

Contact Sports Trauma
Contact Sports Trauma
Ara Nazarian, DDS

Occlusal abnormalities and orthodontic issues left untreated for too long have caused breakage of several teeth resulting in an over closed bite and collapse of the vertical dimension. Cosmetically the collapsed bite will "increase the age" of the patient's facial characteristics.

Treatment recommendations could include a orthodontics, extractions, dental implants, bridgework, crowns, grafting procedures to address loss of bone and gum tissue in selected areas, possible denture partials.

Occlusal Orthodontic Breaking Teeth Damage
Untreated Orthodontic - Malocclusion Needs
Richard Winter, DDS, MAGD

A common tooth trauma situation where the patient never sought treatment immediately after the trauma incident. The tell tale signs of a dark gray tooth enamel reflects the loss of nutrition to the traumatized teeth thereby producing, essentially 2 dead teeth.

As time progressed, notice how the connective tissues failed to keep these central incisors in their proper orientation. Twisting, turning and eventually breakage of the upper teeth caused supereruption of the lower 4 anterior inscisors.

Treatment options could include extractions, possible bone and soft tissue grafting, dental implants, cemented or screw retained bridgework, dental crowns or denture partial.

Dead Teeth Malocclusion
Failure to Treat Tooth Trauma
Corinne Scalzitti, DMD

All broken teeth. If you have ever wondered what would happen if you never treated a cavity or practiced good oral hygiene.... this is an excellent example of a worst case scenario.

With the exception of a tiny sliver of a tooth... used for who knows what... all of the patients teeth have rotted off or broken off a the gumline. It is remarkable for this young man who is in his 30's that bone loss and gum tissue loss wasn't as severe as it could have been.

His treatment of choice was a full set of non-implant supported cosmetic dentures

Broken Rotted Off at Gum Line
100% Broken and Rotted Teeth
Corinne Scalzitti, DMD

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