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Bad Teeth: Enamel Erosion Acids

Eroding Dental Enamel

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Tooth enamel damage can occur for a number of reasons.

With today's high consumption of popular soda pop drinks and the gaining popularity of certain high energy drinks, destruction of dental enamel from the acids within the drinks can be potentially devastating.

Stomach acids are also a destructive agent. Persons who are Bulimic or have refluxive disease often sustain damage to the lingual surfaces of both their anterior and posterior teeth. Left untreated, considerable restorative efforts may be required to maintain proper oral health.

Lemons also can compromise the integrity of dental enamel. Patients who have acquired long standing habits of eating or sucking lemons typically require any number of restorative procedures to restore the surfaces of their teeth.

Crowns, veneers and in extreme cases, tooth replacement is required for treating enamel erosion.

This gallery contains several examples of enamel damage accruing to different forms of acid erosion.

Bite collapse (loss of tooth and bite height) is commonly associated with older patients. Routine wear and tear that goes untreated for too long will create "short teeth." This patient, however, is young, but has many food consumption habits that promote a deficient oral ph value along with acidic erosion that is caused by soft drink and energy drink consumption.

Treatment options to replace bad enamel and regain normal tooth height across both arches can include the use of crowns and veneers. Porcelain overlays may be needed for balancing the posterior bite. Bone and tissue health is healthy.

Tooth Height Loss Erosion
Premature Bite Collapse
Corinne Scalzitti, DMD, Austin TX.

Who says acid and enamel erosion is a destructive condition that is primarily limited to younger patient populations? Medication or drug induced xerostomia, dry mouth, erratic ph values, soda pop and energy drink abuse along with inadequate oral hygiene habits will cause this kind of enamel rehab issues in anyone... including the "boomers" .... like this male patient.

Premium porcelain crowns will be used to fully reconstruct that patient's traditional bite and create a full complement of new teeth that should be indistiguishable from what Mother Nature normally provides.

Enamel Acid Erosion in Boomers
Enamel - Acid Erosion in Boomers
Dr Chris McFarland, Atlanta GA.

A male patient diagnosed with Sjoegrens Syndrome, a condition that causes significant disruptions in saliva production. Less saliva can cause changes in oral ph balance that ultimately leads to xerostomia.

For many patients, medications such as Evoxac can be used on a precription basis that helps the salivary glands produce more saliva. Once the oral ph balance is normalized along with suitable saliva production, restorative treatments can be used to reconstruct the affected tooth structures.

Sjoegrens Syndrome Xerostomia
Sjoegrens Syndrome
Dry Mouth

This is what the beginning stages of "meth mouth syndrome" look like. Structural damage, including obliteration of one tooth has already occured. Notice the inflammation and puffiness of the gum tissue close to the enamel surfaces of each tooth.

The papilla, the thin translucent layer of gum tissue that typically extends from the gum tissue onto the enamel of each tooth, is missing on several teeth, which increases the appearance of puffy gums. Left untreated, this scenario can become as devastating as other meth mouth cases shown below. Treatment at this junction could include extractions, bonding, bridgework, dental implants, orthodontics, crowns and procelain veneers.

Early Stages Drug Abuse Meth Mouth
Meth Mouth Syndrome - Drug Abuse
James Sanderson, DMD

A male patient in his late 20's. Excessive consumption of the popular Mountain Dew beverage has caused considerable damage to the surfaces and structures of his upper teeth. Damage to the lower teeth is limited to enamel surfaces.

Multiple crowns and veneers are the most popular treatment solution for this extent of enamel and tooth structure damage.

Mountain Dew Enamel Erosion
Paul Sussman, DMD

An unusual case of eroding tooth enamel that appears to be affecting the lingual surfaces and especially the incisal (biting edges) of all tooth structures. The lower arch of teeth are similarly affected. Erosion from acids and, in some cases, medications are primary causes of this type of tooth structure damage.

Recommended treatments may include multiple crowns and veneers, bridgework, dental implants, dentures, partials.

Acid Medication Incisal Edge Erosion
Lingual Surfaces - Incisal Edge Enamel Erosion
Paul Sussman, DMD

Enamel destruction routinel occurs when the Ph balance of the mouth and saliva becomes unbalanced. Demineralization occurs naturally as a result. Untreated for too long, tooth structures slowly break down. All oral tissues, hard and soft, are affected. Common factors can include xerostomia (dry mouth caused by medications, drug abuse, congenital factors), consuming acidic foods and beverages, and reactions to chemotherapy.

Reconstructive and restorative treatment choices would involve multiple extractions, tissue therapy, possibile hard and soft tissue grafting, choice of traditional or mini implants, fixed bridges, anchored or retained dentures.

Bad Ph Saliva Acid Demineralization
Poor Hygiene and Acid Damage
Corinne Scalzitti, DMD, MAGD

Yet another example of how the meth mouth syndrome can cause destruction of tooth enamel and the underlying softer core of teeth. Once the protective enamel has been breached, decay and deterioration occurs rapidly and oftentimes quite thoroughly. Many of the affected teeth in this picture are beyond repair or restoration.

Treatment options would include extractions of damaged teeth, possible socket grafts to restore - preserve bone quality at each extraction site, tooth replacement choices that might involve individual tooth replacement implants, mini implants, implant supported fixed bridgework, denture - partial prosthesis.

Saliva Bad Ph Balance Demineralized
Ph Syndrome: Meth Mouth Acidity
De P. Patel

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