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FAQ:  Adult Orthodontics

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Adult Orthodontics Ask The Dentist Edward Leventhal Question:
Braces on for 10+ years!: I still have braces on after 10 years.

I was told 2 years max! After 4.5 yrs, I went for two 2nd opinions. Each Orthodontist was reluctant to take away a patient from another Orthodontist (I was actually told this) and convinced that his work was going nicely.

So, I returned to my Orthodontist to finish the work. 5 yrs later, I now cannot bite properly, huge gaps remain, my midline has shifted, there's gum recession and bone loss near the o-rings.

Now, my 2 front teeth are in danger of falling out because of so much root resorption.

A Lawyer stated nothing legally can be done as it's a "customer service issue." Peer review is not an option as membership is voluntary. What can or should I do? ....Visitor from NY

You have a serious problem.

If you kept appointments regularly, every four to six weeks for all this time the problem lies with the orthodontist.

If you kept appointments sporadicly, a few times per year with long breaks in between, the problem lies with you.

In any case, you should have your treatment evaluated by a second orthodontist, with a complete copy of your treatment records to evaluate where the problem lies, and to establish a definitive plan to complete treatment.

If the problem lies with the orthodontist, another lawyer and a letter to the state dental board is in order. If the problem lies with you, a serious re-evaluation of your goals is in order.

Edward Leventhal, DDS
Baltimore Cosmetic Implant Dentistry
8860 Belair Road
Baltimore, MD 21236
(410) 256-7300

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