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Oxyfresh and Dry Mouth (xerostomia) products don't help: I have been battling bad breath for the past 10 years. This problem has effected every avenue in my life.

I am an office professional who has constant dealings with the public, so therefore this problem makes it very difficult to function on a daily basis. I have had surgery to remove my wisdom teeth and also corrective pocket surgery, but to no avail has this helped the breath problem.

I alternate visits with my general dentist and my periodontist and they tell me to just keep flossing, brushing and using mouth washes. My kids have told me they smell my breath, and coworkers have also told me in unspoken terms that they smell it too.

Please advise me of what to do because I have tried everything over the counter from dry mouth products to the oxyfresh. ...Visitor from NC

I have emailed you a file to show you how to use the Oxyfresh products properly.

If they don't take care of your problem, then you most likely should see an ENT specialist about your tonsils, and maybe even get a sleep study. Large, swollen tonsils would be the only reason Oxyfresh does not work effectively for you.

Editorial Staff

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