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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    My veneers were put on poorly and have chipped away and become stained.

    Can they be removed entirely without putting new ones on again? ... Visitor from WI

    Depending on the veneer product and the lamination products and procedures used, veneers may or may not come off in one piece.

    If the veneer was a "no-prep" veneer, which essentially means the tooth structure was not modified to accommodate the veneer (Lumineers, for example), then the underlying tooth might be restored to its original condition.

    The use of certain etching and cementation compounds may, however, affect the surface texture of the tooth.

    In general terms, veneer dentistry is something that should be considered carefully. Some dentists have the technology to create "digital pictures" of a patient's veneered teeth (done on a computer) that is a good aid for decision making.

    If a veneer treatment has had tragic and unintended results, then follow up consultations would be in order, especially if the veneers required "standard prep" procedures. Veneer failures tend to be a failure of technique... rather than failure of product.

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