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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    Veneer Questions Ask The Dentist Ara Nazarian Question:
    Red gums after veneers: I had a complete restoration of my smile about 18 months ago.

    Everthing was fine until earlier this year I noticed my gums were becoming red around the veneers. I returned to the dentist and he diagnosed it as thrush and put me on medication for 2 weeks.

    When I returned he decided it was not thrush and that he could try a laser treatment to see if it would help. There was no improvement and he has no further diagnosis to offer me.

    He said I am being too picky.

    I do have Lupus and was evaluated by my Lupus doctor. He did not feel it was related to my lupus and deferred to the dentist.

    I am extemely dissatisfied after having spent $30,000 for a perfect smile and am left with red swollen gums. .... Visitor from MI

    Many times patients who suffer from Lupus usually are more prone to infections.

    Without seeing your before and after pictures and a clinical examination, it is difficult to say.

    If the redness is only around the veneers and not your natural teeth, then it may be caused by something else. This could be the margin or edge of the veneer too deep into the gum or cement / glue in excess that is causing an inflamatory response.

    Do you notice the redness when you have an episode of your Lupus? The first start would be to have someone trained in dental cosmetics examine and feel the margins for overhangs of glue or porcelain.

    Also, I would suggest a RX mouth wash to see if this eliminates your condition or brings back the healthy color.

    A Nazarian, DDS

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