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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    My question is about porcelain veneers and bleaching. I am pretty new in the area and I am having an incredibly hard time finding a dentist who will offer a reasonable price on those procedures. So I guess my question is, how much is charged for those procedures and are there payment plans available? ... Allyson in FL

    Allyson, as far as cost of veneers I have always said that you should not pay too much but you also should not pay too little. If the fee for porcelain veneers is below the average Beware. You are paying for the skill and knowledge of the practitioner as well as the lab that he/she uses.

    The quality of veneers can vary from practitioner to practitioner. You do not want to get stuck with poor quality veneers. I have received many emails from individuals, crying about how dissatisfied their veneers look. That is why you go to a dentist with experience in that area. Ask questions and look at before and after photos.

    As far as fee is concerned, that is also dictated by area. In South Florida for example, I would say a fee in the area of $800 to $1000 is normal. Typical methods of financing are the use of credit cards and Care Credit, which has an interest free financing option. You must have good credit for that and they will only finance an amount in accordance with your income. The last option that many patients have used is their home equity line.

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