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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    Veneer Questions Ask The Dentist Ira Koeppel Question:
    Failed Veneer Procedures: I had 6 veneers put on my top teeth and they look fantastic!

    About 6 months later, my front tooth began to hurt, went to dentist and he did a root canal. It failed, so he sent me to endodontist, whom did another root canal and that failed too.

    Then I went back for oral surgery and he said that the tooth is cracked in the gum. He shaved down as much as he could and said that there is a chance it might not help. Well...it seemed OK for about 4 weeks and now the pain has come back.

    I went back and he said I need the tooth pulled. I am incredibly upset about it. I am afraid that the dental implant will affect the other teeth. I don't know what to do. Money does not grow on trees! ...Visitor from NY

    We never like hearing that a procedure or a tooth has failed.

    Your tooth seems to not have the best luck. Fortunately in today’s technology you could have a implant placed and an immediate temporary to help preserve the soft tissue contours (your gum).

    Implants are more costly but represent the best option usually. The dentist must try to preserve the tissue contours the best as possible. When this is not done, the outcome usually ends up being less than expected.

    The other option is extraction and a bone graft and a bridge. The best advice is to do what can be done to preserve the soft tissue contours... especially if you have a high smile line and show a lot of gum tissue.

    Ira D. Koeppel, D.D.S.
    New York Reconstructive Dentistry
    126 Gnarled Hollow Road
    East Setauket Long Island, NY 11733
    (631) 689-9777

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