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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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Six (6) Anterior Teeth Bonding

    Veneer falls off 4 times in 4 months: I got 6 porcelain veneers about 4 months ago and I have gone back 3 times to have the eye teeth veneer glued back on.

    I just had another one fall off after biting into a cookie. I don't know what to do.

    Is it the glue or am I unable to bite into anything of substance or what? Also I am wondering should I just have them bonded instead and forget the veneers on the eye teeth?

    Please help am very upset for the 4th time this year!!! ...Visitor from IL

    The strength of today's bonding materials exceeds the strength of the actual tooth. Bonding technology originated in the aerospace industry and is used to manufacture aircraft wings.

    However, it is extremely technique sensitive. In the mouth there are even bigger challenges due to the high humidity and biocompatibility requirements. When properly achieved, the chemical bond which is formed between the tooth and the composite as well as the composite and veneer is amazingly strong. There are a myriad of steps and a profound level of knowledge required to obtain predictable results.

    In addition, the preparations must be designed so that the teeth do not come in contact at the margin of the veneer. Finally, a comprehensive understanding of occlusion is necessary to allow the jaw to move in a way which utilizes a mutually protected occlusion.

    That is a short summary of the science of veneer treatment. The artistic aspect focuses on golden proportion, metamerism, fluorescence, shape, hue, chroma, value and translucency.

    The physiological aspect involves diction, phonetics and lip support.

    Typically the incisal edges require hand milling due to the roundness formed when the porcelain is fired. This modification to the pitch and bevel of the incisors and the ridge blades of the canines allows patients to "efficiently bite into a sandwich, or lettuce."

    Properly designed, veneers can last decades. Why do you think yours have fallen out four times in 3 months?

    Editorial Staff

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