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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    New Veneers don't feel Real: I had veneers put on my front 6 teeth, they are DaVinci!

    I liked the way they looked before they were set, but that was only a few seconds. I am so upset now, I can't even explain.

    My teeth feel and appear too thick and long for my mouth. It has been 9 months now. I am still having speech problems and you can see the thickness in photos. It's affecting my social skills and self confidence.

    I wrote my Doctor, and he wants me to go to a gum specialist to check my salivary production. This was never a problem before. Worst decision of my life.

    Is there any hope??? Can this be fixed so that they feel natural and are the size of my natural teeth? ...Visitor from CO

    I am sorry to hear you are having these frustrating problems with your porcelain veneers. It sounds like your cosmetic case was done without the benefit of a pre-treatment waxup of your planned smile makeover before the treatment was started.

    Did you have a chance to discuss with your dentist exactly what you were hoping for? Did he/she review smile design guidelines and offer you a cosmetic book of different smiles to choose from?

    B by doing a complete cosmetic work-up including a set of pre-treatment photographs, articulated casts of your pre-treatment top and bottom jaws, and a cosmetic wax-up of your proposed smile by a great cosmetic lab, the case should come out as expected.

    From the completed wax-up that you see and approve, an impression of this wax-up can be made to match in the temporaries once your teeth were prepared for the veneers.

    In our office we have our cosmetic patients wear and function with their temporaries for awhile to make sure the look, feel, bite and speech is perfected before the case is sent to the lab for completion.

    During this temporary phase the patient can make sure they like the length, shape, thickness, look, bite and speech of their temps. It is easy to tweak or change something in the temporaries during this phase.

    Another added benefit of wearing the temporaries for awhile is that the patient can brush and floss to heal the gum tissue before the final impressions are made for the cosmetic lab.

    If the gum tissue has receded a bit around the necks of the prepared teeth, this can easily be corrected by the cosmetic dentist by re-preping the areas in question before the final impressions are taken.

    Photographs of the temporaries as well as models of the temporaries for the porcelain artist to duplicate are also sent to the lab. Any additional technical data (bite, occlusal info) to help the porcelain artist to fabricate the porcelain smile makeover is also sent with the case.

    Contact the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and request a referral to an AACD member dentist in your area for a clinical second opinion.

    From your description of the feel, look and speech patterns of your new veneers, it sounds like you may need to have these current veneers redone.

    Please try not to get too frustrated, because done correctly with a bit more pre-treatment planning I feel your cosmetic results can be greatly improved and be exactly the way you want them.

    Editorial Staff

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