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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    Yellow stains at edges: I have had veneers for 13 years.

    On several of them at the top by the gumline have become discolored and now you can see a yellow line with other colors that give the appearance I have something stuck in my teeth.

    Is there a fix for this other than complete removal and replacement? ...Visitor from PA

    Since I cannot see clinically what the veneers look like over the Internet, I can say if there is not a lot of subgingival (under the gum) decay around your current veneers, there is a way to solve your problem.

    If the teeth are sound under your veneers, a cosmetic dentist can prepare around the exposed margins of your veneers and place composite resin in the same color as your veneers. This will allow you to correct your problem and keep your current veneers.

    If the first dentist you see says that this cannot be done, do at least get several second opinions to see if this conservative treatment can help you retain your current veneers.

    Editorial Staff

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