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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    Square looking Veneers: I had 5 Porcelain veneers and a crown placed on my front upper teeth about 10 months ago.

    While I am generally pleased with the outcome of the teeth, I feel the front two teeth are a bit too square in their shape. My sister,who is a 3rd year dental student, pointed out that the bottom edges of the two teeth are quite square, giving as she said a "more masculine smile."

    Is it possible to have a dentist simply slightly round off the bottom edges of the two teeth with an instrument, or would that damage the veneer or my tooth?" ...Visitor from NJ

    Your sister is right, a squared off incisal (tip of the tooth) does give a more masculine look to the top front teeth. That is, when you are looking at someone's smile, the bottom edges of the front four teeth, consisting of the Lateral Incisor (#7), Central Incisor (#8), Central Incisor (#9) and Lateral Incisor (#10), have a certain shape to the incisal/top edge.

    Masculine looking teeth are more square and sharp at each end or side of each tooth. It makes for a harder, stronger appearance to a smile. A more Feminine look that is softer and quite frankly more sensual, is where the incisal edge closest to the MIDLINE of the face (i.e. right between the very front two teeth, is squared or slightly squared, and the edge of that same tooth on the other side away from the MIDLINE is rounded. This also applies to the lateral incisors, which are the two smaller teeth on either side of the larger front central incisors. An appealing Feminine smile is also created by slightly rounding both of the corner edges of the front four teeth.

    This all deals with creating a custom smile design following classic Golden Proportions involving the front top six teeth (eye tooth to eye tooth). There are roughly 10 factors or parameters that are followed to create a beautiful, breath-taking smile.

    To answer your question, yes a cosmetic oriented dentist should be able to recontour your front top four teeth to create the more Feminine look you are seeking. This slight adjustment to the porcelain is then polished smooth and should not harm your veneers.

    Editorial Staff

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