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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    Veneers Keep Falling Off: I recently had 10 veneers put on the front of my teeth.

    They aren't jackets that surround the whole tooth, but just fronts. My dentist told me that many people do it this way because it's cheaper than full veneers, and will last for 5-10 years.

    However, although they look nice, they keep falling off. My dentist has re-applied them several times, and now I am uncomfortable with eating anything hard. I don't have the money right now to redo them with full veneers.

    Is there any type of glue or bonding cement you can recommend to hold them in place? ...Visitor from FL

    I am sorry that you are having this problem with your veneers. I have been doing veneers since 1987 and have rarely if ever had veneers fall off.

    If they did it was for a very good reason. The bonding procedure for veneers is a very technique sensitive, any contamination from saliva or oil can affect the bonding.

    If the use of the dental adhesive is not used according to proper protocol there will be a failure. In addition, the preparation of the internal surface of veneer must be correct and treated with a silinating agent that acidifies the surface to enhance the bonding.

    Other factors to consider are the tooth preparation design and the bite of the patient which could place undue stress on the veneers. However, biting stresses will usually just fracture a well bonded veneer not necessarily dislodge it.

    Probably the most unconsidered factor by inexperienced dentists is the fact that there is oil contamination in their oil/water line. Once veneers fall off they need to be properly treated, removing any remaining resin to expose the porcelain for bonding, not to mention conditioning the tooth surface properly as well.

    I am sorry to tell you that there is nothing else for you to do except maybe find another dentist with more experience. Do not put super glue on the veneer! Hope this has helped.

    Editorial Staff

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