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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    Temporary teeth versus Veneers: I am an entertainer. My bottom teeth are very crowded. I went to a dentist for veneers. He said that because of the crowding he would not recommend just filing them across or cutting them because then the veneers would not have enough tooth mass.

    I would possibly have to undergo a root canal (on a couple of the teeth) because the veneers would fall off within a couple years if I didn't. Because my teeth are super healthy I would hate to have to go through all of this.

    Is there something similar to a flipper that I could just snap in when I am performing and for photo shoots and when I am eating I could just take them out? ...Visitor from CA

    Generally, yes. You can have "snap on" teeth made. The key is to make them and still have the ability to talk normally. If you just want to be able to snap them on for a photo, it is a little easier because speech is not an issue.

    You can have much nicer looking teeth with veneers, not have to grind them way down and be satisfied that they are not perfectly straight. Actually, perfectly straight teeth can look fake. A little character is natural looking. It all depends on your particular tooth alignment.

    Some patients can get a big improvement, the veneers stay in and they don't have to have root canals. If a model of your teeth is made, a dentist can create the best possible look with little tooth grinding on that model with white wax so you can see possible results. This also helps the dentist visualize the possibilities with very little grinding on your teeth. The result can be surprisingly good.

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