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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    Veneer Questions Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
    Horrible Veneers: I had 6 veneers put on my top teeth 2 months ago which I greatly regret.

    My dentist said veneers would help my teeth appear to be straight. My front tooth is still protruding and since he ground my teeth down so low he had to do a root canal. He then put an all porcelain crown on my front tooth so he could bring the tooth back to look more even.

    The crown is more translucent and does not match the rest of my teeth. It also is still protruding and it hurts to bite in anything hard with it. Can you tell me why that would be and what I can do about it? ...Visitor from IN

    The reasons your teeth hurt can be from a host of possibilities.

    The teeth were traumatized from the preparations and the nerves could be inflamed. The cementation process could have gotten contaminated, leading to hypersensitivity. The bite could be off leading to occlusal traumatism and pain.

    No matter what the cause, the first thing to do would be to discuss your concerns with your dentist. Most dentists are very amenible to fixing something that a patient is dissatisfied with. Given your problems, I am sure your dentist discussed orthodontics to align your teeth prior to veneers.

    That being said, the need to devitalize a tooth or a root canal is not out of the ordinary for teeth that require sustantial movement without braces. By movement we mean that the tooth appears to move because we place more porcelain on one side or the other to create the optical illusion that the tooth moved.

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