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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    Damaged Veneers: I had veneers put on 5 of my front teeth.

    First, one of the veneers is slightly darker than the others. Should I have it replaced or am I risking the same thing happening again?

    Also they feel like sand paper where they were filed to look more natural. Can they be filed to feel smooth without damaging the veneer? I go back in a few days to decide what to do with the darker veneer. ...Visitor from MD

    There can be several reasons for the veneer to appear slightly darker.

    One is that your veneers have a certain degree of translucency and the underlying tooth color is dark; therefore, the color bleeds through to a certain degree. The lab needed to know what the underlying tooth color was in order to properly opaque the porcelain to block out that color.

    Another possibility is that your temporary veneer was leaking and bacteria got underneath and stained the tooth black. That could have been bleached out with peroxide. Additionally, there could be leakage now, but unlikely so soon.

    Your dentist might have tried different combinations of luting cement to get the teeth to have the same value of brightness. As for the smoothness issue, that is easy. Your dentist should easily be able to polish the porcelain to a high gloss with the proper polishing wheels.

    Editorial Staff

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