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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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I've had veneers on my six top front teeth for about 13 years, and want to replace them with new, whiter ones.

I've since moved to a different state, and my current dentist says a second set of veneers may not stay on due to him having to remove more tooth structure to install them.

He recommends replacing the veneers with crowns. I don't want to lose so much of my tooth structure to replace the veneers with crowns.

It is true that veneers can only be properly installed on teeth just once? ... Visitor from WA

Removing old porcelain veneers is a technique intensive procedure. Some dentists use lasers to "pop" off old veneers while others use different types of instruments to gently remove the laminate material without compromising the underlying tooth structure.

In general terms, veneer dentists who perform a lot of veneer removal services can be assummed to be more skilled than those who don't.

If you look through our video library, you will see 2 different videos that show veneer removal. In one case it is amost entirely done with the motorized hand instruments fitted with burrs.

Another video demonstrates how dental lasers can be used in many instances.

Seek the services of a dentist who has a major focus on veneer dentistry and is as comfortable removing veneers as he/she is with placing them. Finding a dentist who uses laser technologies would be a plus.

Be sure to ask for pictures of similar treatments. Avoid dentists who have no pictures.

Editorial Staff

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