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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    Veneer process without Temps: I decided to get Veneers on 10 of my upper teeth because of staining due to old bonding. I thought this would be the best route for me to take since I have had so much bonding done on my front teeth.

    I researched and visited a couple of Cosmetic dentists in my area and picked one I thought was the best. I really like my cosmetic dentist and feel I made a good choice when picking him but I am confused about his procedure.

    When completing all my research about the Veneer process I never heard of getting your prep work completed and the doctor not putting temps on your teeth. I went to get my prep work done and the doc said he does not put temps on unless he has to take off more tooth than expected. He stated that he does not remove that much tooth and therefore temps are not needed.

    Well anyway I took one look at my teeth after they were prepped and wanted to cry! I could not believe that any cosmetic dentist would allow a patient to go around looking like this for three weeks. He said that he thought the teeth looked better then when I came in.

    I disagree it looks like I have baby teeth in my mouth and also they are all different shades. I used the BriteSmile system on my lower teeth before this whole process and now my bottom teeth are white and big and my top teeth are different colors and small. Did you ever hear of this sort of process?

    I insisted that I receive temps because I was not walking around like this for three weeks. I am getting my temps today but I don't think that they are going to be temps that are going to mimmick my real veneers.

    First of all the dentist does not put them on his assisant does and she is the one that makes them too. Does this sound right? I thought I picked one of the best in my area. Its not that I don't like or trust him, I guess I am just confused on his procedures and thought I would look somewhere for some advice. Please Help!!! ..Visitor from OH


    My first reaction is wow! After giving it some thought, I can say that it is not unusual to have patients go without temporary veneers. Although today it is not common.

    There were situations maybe five or more years ago, when I myself had a few patients that went without temporary veneers. However, today with advancements in techniques, I never have a patient leave without temp veneers for two reasons.

    One reason is obvious, the teeth can look ugly. Especially if you have to remove more than a conservative amount of tooth structure to correct crowding. The second reason, which is important, is so that the patient can get an idea of how they would look with the new veneers.

    Most of the time the temp veneers are made from a diagnostic wax-up which the patient has previewed. Making the temps from a diagnostic wax-up allows the patient and doctor to make adjustments in the appearance with regard to length and shape.

    A photo and model of the temps are sent to the lab as a guide. This way there is no surprise at the end. Patients today always walk out with temps. I always make the temporary veneers for my patients but that does not mean a well trained assistant is not qualified to do this under a dentist supervision. The dentist should at least look at the temps and make sure that you are satisfied with the shape and length. I hope that I answered your question.

    Editorial Staff

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