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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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    Can you put porcelain veneers over crowns? ...Visitor from TX

    The answer is yes however my view is I would not recommend it where others might.

    Stepping back for a moment, everything that man makes has a certain life expectancy.

    MIT did a study years ago and ranked different products in terms of their longevity and hence their return on investment. What came in first were refrigerators. It seems they last forever and then people either put them in their log cabins or donate them.

    What came in second in terms of return on investment was dental care.

    Although your existing crown may have many years of "life" left on it, when it fails and needs to be replaced, your new veneer will fail as well. I would prefer to start fresh and take advantage of all the precision properties of a well-placed crown.

    Secondarily, to add a veneer to the outside of a properly contoured crown will only over bulk the external anatomy and potentially cause periodontal problems. There is an intimate relationship between hard and soft tissue and when you change this relationship you change food deflection patterns and the ability to keep it clean.

    Editorial Staff

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