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FAQ:  Porcelain Veneers

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Front veneer turned into a root canal: I was scheduled to have veneers placed on my two front teeth. One of the teeth was chipped when I was young and had a big filling.

The Dr. said that he was trying to decide whether I need veneers or crowns. In the middle of the procedure, he ended up doing a root canal; a procedure that was never considered before. He told me after the fact.

He said that there was a big cavity that he couldn't see on the x rays and that the root ended up coming out as he was cleaning the cavity.

Is this normal? Does it seem that the root canal was unavoidable? Was I suppossed to be warned of this possibility, and is it normal to request pay for procedures that I was never informed about? ... Visitor from Pismo Beach

Based on what you report, many dentists would have recommended a dental implant replacement for that front tooth. It sounds like the diagnostic process could have been a bit more thorough before treatment was started.

It is not uncommon for critical tissue conditions or treatment needs to "be discovered" during treatment. Most dentists will always assume that the patient will agree to a "logical" yet unplanned treatment that prevents additional compromise of healthy tissue. The best resource for you to get the specific answers you are looking for is your State Dental Board.

Editorial Staff

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