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  • PerioLase Non Invasive Periodontitis Treatment Alternative - ABC TV News
    No Bone Loss No Grafting The PerioLase laser product is a unique non invasive periodontitis treatment alternative that is becoming renowned for effectively controlling or eliminating serious gum disease effectively without traditional surgical techniques. ABC TV interviews a developer of the technology to discuss the benefits and comparisons with older periodontal therapies that are commonly used to treat advanced gum disease. Video sequences produced by ABC TV.

    Material provided through Dr. Corinne Scalzitti, Austin, Texas

  • PerioLase Effectiveness - Denver Channel 7 TV News
    Periodontal Disease Laser Local Denver patients are interviewed after receiving treatments from the PerioLase treatment alternative, producing changes in bone, connective tissue and soft tissues that are usually not possible with older periodontal disease treatment programs. See and hear actual PerioLase patients provide testimony to their experiences. Video sequences produced by Channel 7 News, TheDenverChannel.com.

    Material provided through Dr. Corinne Scalzitti, Austin, Texas

  • Saliva Production: Implications for Tooth Enamel
    Saliva Enamel Health Saliva production is a key element in maintaining acidic levels in the oral cavity. Eating habits, consumption of soft drink products, meth mouth, dry mouth, xerostomia and other similar conditions caused by congenital factors and medications can cause deterioration of tooth enamel. Recommended viewing for at-risk populations with tooth enamel issues. Video footage created by GCAmerica.

  • Dental Sealants
    Tooth Sealant Basics A 4 minute animation video discussing the basic principles of protection against the "elements" and how dental sealants are used to protect against the effects of sugary foods, caries and cavity production. Suitable for children to view. Published by www.arkansas.gov

  • Tooth Sensitivity: Remineralization of Tooth Enamel
    Enamel Rehabilitation An animation video that describes and outlines the principles of how tooth sensitivity develops due to eating or drinking acidic foods, over brushing and oral health conditions that alter the structural properties of dental enamel. Discus Dental provides a product that overcomes the demineralization of tooth enamel that typically causes reports of sensitivity problems. Their proprietary product reportedly operates to rebuild certain components of dental enamel at a biochemical level. Video footage produced by Discus Dental.

  • Orthodontic White Spot Treatment
    Teeth Enamel White Spots MI Paste product demo video that outlines the process of demineralization of tooth enamel, a common occurence for many patients who discover ugly white spots on their teeth caused by ortho brace pads. Plaque and bacteria build up causes a shift in Ph balance which can lead to a loss of calcium and phosphate, otherwise known as Demineralization. Learn the details of cause, effect and treatment options to better control or get rid of white spots. Video footage created by GCAmerica.

  • Cool Jaw: Post Operative Jaw Gum and Mouth Pain Relief
    Surgery Pain Cool Jaw is a specially designed product that gently applies ice packs to the entire jaw area. Frequently recommended and provided by Oral Surgeons and other dental surgeons. Ideal for post operative pain that may result from extractions, root canal therapy, dental implant placements and a variety of periodontal procedures. Video production by Medico International.

  • Easy X-TRAC System: Animation Video Extraction Technology - Preventing Extraction Related Bone Loss
    Extracting Teeth An animated demonstration of the Easy X-TRAC System that now provides dentists and dental specialists the ability to extract teeth with no bone loss, no tilting or twisting movements and, subsequently, no post-traumatic swelling. Additional benefits may include the the avoidance of needed bone restoration (grafting) and healing time of soft tissue. The technology enables many patients to receive immediate implantation after extractions (see other videos). Animation footage created by A-Titan Instruments.

  • Sleep Apnea - Snoring Treatment
    Sleep Apnea Snoring Appliances A short patient interview demonstrating the use of the TAP orthotic device, the treatment of choice for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) of a PA area patient who had a significant history of snoring and sleep disorders.

  • CPAP Snoring Treatment Alternatives
    Sleep Apnea  Appliances An animated film sequence demonstrating the principles of airway passage obstructions that are a fundamental treatment concern for patients diagnosed with or have symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

    Multimedia clip provided through Dr. Ira Koeppel, Long Island, New York NY

  • Procera Restorative Products - Nobel Biocare
    Procera Porcelain Consumer video describing the Procera porcelain restorative product line that is a popular choice of cosmetic and restorative dentists in creating new smiles and restoring healthy dental function.

    Multimedia clip provided through Dr. Ira Koeppel, Long Island, New York NY

  • NobelReplace: Most Widely Used Implant Technology
    Tapered Implant A visual outline of Nobel Biocare's NobelTapered implant device that is routinely used by a wide range of implant specialists. The proven combination of titanium and zirconia materials enable patients to achieve the best cosmetic and functional outcome from their dental treatments that can endure for years and years.Material provided through Dr. Edward Brant, Long Island (St James), NY

  • NobelActive: Bone Compressing Implant Hybrid
    Nobel Active Implant Special characteristics of an implant design that enable accomplished implant dentists and surgeons to effectively place implants in areas where bone has been compromised or marginalized. Unique bone compression and redirection capabilities can make the difference for some patients becoming a candidate for implants. Material provided through Dr. Edward Brant, Long Island (St James), NY

  • Zimmer Dental Implants
    Zimmer Implants Consumer video describing the benefits of dental implant surgery as a premium choice for optimizing overall dental health and achieving a level of care that is typically recommended by Dentists, Periodontists and Oral Surgeons world wide. Video footage created by Zimmer Dental. Multimedia clip provided through Dr. Paul Sussman, Rochester, New York

  • Tekscan T-Scan: High Tech Occlusal Analysis
    Bite Occlusion Test In complex cosmetic, restorative or reconstructive dentistry the challenge of maintaining or recreating the normal bite for a particular patient can be difficult. T-Scan III technology is used by dentists who invest in technologies that deliver diagnostic data that can surpass acceptable study methods and assures or dramatically increases the probability of "getting it right" the first time.

    Footage developed and published by Tekscan

  • Zimmer Implant Surgery Demo
    Zimmer One Piece Implant Animated video that provides a step by step visual outline of the steps taken for placing 3 One Piece proprietary implants developed by Zimmer dental. See how sequential drilling is implemented to eliminate or minimize hard tissue loss while the implant site is prepared for a specific diameter implant. Implant surgery begins with the assumption that implant sites are replete with healthy bone (assumed bone grafting has been completed). Recommended viewing for patients considering dental implants. Created and produced by Zimmer Dental.

  • Oco Biomedical Osteocompressive Permanent Implant
    Osteocompressive Immediate Function Implant Oco Biomedical has developed a One Stage Osteocompressive Permanent Implant which can redefine some of the expectations associated with traditional implant dentistry. Instrument hybrids eliminate the need for perio flap surgery for some patients, thereby creating a less invasive implant surgery experience. Design characteristics establish the implant as an immediate function or immediate load implant that can complete the osseointegrative time period in days, rather than months. Video footage produced by Oco Biomedical. Material provided through Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy, Michigan

  • Imtec Mini Dental Implants
    Mini Dental Implants Imtec Demonstration video that provides a visual and narrated outline of the popular Imtec Mini Dental Implant products and procedures for placing their proprietary mini implants. Animations and live surgery examples included. Video footage created by Imtec Dental Implants. Multimedia clip provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee WI

  • Biomet 3i Dental Implants
    Dental Implants A history of dental implant technology from its early inception years and years ago from the perspective of Biomet 3i, a recognized leader in dental implant dentistry. Watch this entertaining video to learn about the advancements in dental implants as a procedure and specialty area within dentistry, from the Biomet perspective. Video footage produced by Biomet.

  • Biomet 3i Implants and Mandibular Reconstruction
    implants A demonstration and discussion of popular Biomet dental implant technologies that can be combined into reconstructive treatment plans for delivering rock solid support for an entire arch of new non removable prosthetic teeth. Video footage produced by Biomet. Provided through Dr. Chris McFarland, Atlanta GA.

  • Intra Lock Mini Implants
    Mini Dental Implants Intralock Demonstration video that provides an animated outline of the popular MDL mini implant device developed by Intra Lock. Step by step process showing the sequences of installing implants for a lower denture prosthesis. Video footage created by Intra Lock. Multimedia clip provided through Dr. Edward Leventhal of Baltimore Maryland

  • Invisalign Orthodontics
    Clear Braces Invisalign Demonstration video that discusses the benefits of the renowned Invisalign teeth straightening technologies. Many teenagers, young adults and older adults prefer the clear aligners approach to creating the smiles they want without being required to undergo traditional orthodontics. Comfortable, convenient and affordable orthodontic treatment choices. Video footage created by Invisalign.

  • Invisalign - Teen
    Invisalign for Teenagers Invisalign now has a hybrid design of their flagship cosmetic teeth alignment clear brace system that is specifically designed for teenagers. Young adults now have an increased range of treatment choices for teeth straightening procedures. Video footage created by Channel 13 WHAM in Rochester NY.

  • SureSmile Orthodontics
    Sure Smile Demonstration video that explains the concepts behind orthodontic treatments provided through the use of SureSmile, an innovative technology that has advanced the availability of treatment choices and assures orthodontic correction and realignment in time frames typically not available before. Video footage created by SureSmile.

  • Lingual Braces by iBraces
    Lingual Orthodontic Braces Demonstration video that discusses the principles of an alternate form and choice of invisible orthodontic treatment. Specialized bracing materials and treatment on the lingual surfaces of the teeth create the desired results without having the appearance of metal braces. Video footage created by iBraces - Lingual Care, a 3M Company.

  • Myobrace: Alternative to Traditional Orthodontic Braces
    Myobrace Icon Myobrace, an Australian based orthodontic teeth straightening system, uses unique combinations of technologies to treat a wide variety of orthodontic issues without the use of traditional wires, brackets and pads. Learn how teeth straightening can be completed without the experiences of pain, discomfort or telltale staining of dental enamel due to prolonged use of ortho brackets and pads. Video footage created by Myobrace and MRC.

  • Lumineers No Prep Porcelain Veneer Treatment Choice
    Lumineers No Prep Veneers Lumineers are a popular choice for patients seeking non invasive no prep veneer treatments for creating new smiles. Micro thin shell veneer technology enables dentists to provide the reshaping and resurfacing effects people want but without the typical tooth preparation required by traditional veneers. Video content produced by Lumineers. Material provided through Dr. Ira Koeppel, Long Island, New York.

  • Vivaneer No Prep VeneersNon Invasive Porcelain Veneer Treatment Choice
    The Vivaneer non invasive no prep veneer product is a proven product choice for patients seeking multi unit smile makeovers or selective tooth reshaping and resurfacing needs without the invasive tooth preparation associated with standard porcelain veneers. Watch this 4 minute video to see the surface preparation, etching process and bonding process with proprietary products and recommended instruments that make smile makeovers a popular treatment choice. Video content produced by Glidewell Laboratories. Material provided through Dr. Edward Leventhal, Baltimore Maryland.

  • Cavity Caries Detection DiagnodentDiagnodent: Digital Laser Cavity Detection
    Diagnodent, a digital laser device favored by many dental practices, uses modern laser technology to detect and assess caries. The use of a dental explorer is significantly minimized and is minimally invasive. Records of digital assessments of given tooth structures enable a dentist to monitor the changes in decalcification, an indicator of caries development. Video footage created by Diagnodent manufacturer KaVo Dental.Material provided through Dr Ara Nazarian, Troy Michigan.

  • Grafting for Extracted TeethBone Grafting: Implications for Common Tooth Extractions
    Bioplant, a leading suppler of bone grafting products used by many dentists, provides a visual outline of the changes that take place with common tooth extractions and other causes of bone loss. Learn how socket grafts, for tooth extraction sites, is used for recreating lost bone. Recommended viewing for all patients undergoing tooth extractions and for patients who have had a history of bone loss. Video footage created by Bioplant, from Kerr Dental.

    Material provided through Dr Ara Nazarian, Troy Michigan.

  • Implant Logic Compu Guide Surgery Template
    ImplantLogic Guide Demonstration of the Implant Logic surgical template guide that more and more implantologists, general dentists, oral surgeons and periodontists are using to approach the levels of perfect implant placement that is now made possible through the use of advanced Cone Beam Catscan technologies. Guess work is totally eliminated. Recommended viewing for patients considering implant dentistry. Video footage created by BioHorizons. Material provided through Dr. James Sanderson.

  • Crown Manufacturing Process: Ivoclar Vivadent
    Crown Making Process Recommended Viewing for all patients who have ever wondered how premium porcelain crown products are manufactured and fabricated. After watching the entire video patients will have a better understanding of the precision processess and why crowns cannot be reliably modified (made larger, new layers of porcelain, etc) after manufacture. Footage created and published by Ivoclar Vivadent.

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