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Periodontitis Videos

  • CNN News Periodontitis Disease Report

    Gum Disease Cures ExplainedDr Sanjay Gupta of CNN News discusses adult gum disease problems in adult populations. Atlanta Periodontist Dr Marie Schweinebraten describes the classic signs of gum disease and the differences between disease processes and how curable or reversible certain stages are. Video footage was produced by CNN News and Marie Schweinebraten, DMD

  • Whoopi Goldberg Gum Disease Testimonial

    Periodontitis Bone Grafting TV personality, actress Whoopi Goldberg discusses her recent experience with severe gum infections and the discovery she is losing critical bone mass and teeth. She encourages people to use their dental insurance as it should be used and to keep a watchful eye on gum health and oral hygiene habits.

  • Teeth In One Day: Gum Disease Damage

    Teeth and Bone Loss Advanced, untreated gum disease destroys gum tissue, bone tissues and teeth. Occlusal forces that operate upon untreated diseased teeth can accelerate the disease process and also disrupt normal jaw function and resting positions. Extraction of all diseased or compromised teeth, along with removal of diseased soft tissues can often be an effective treatment for eradicating everything at once.

    Footage provided by Ara Nazarian, DDS, Troy MI.

  • Periodontitis Treatment without being Toothless: Implant Supported Prosthesis

    Periodontitis Grafting Surgery Another example of how treatments for servere periodontitis and associated bone and tissue loss does not require being toothless. Watch this GRAPHIC video that demonstrates multiple extraction surgeries, bone and tissue grafting, preservation of healthy bone, Biohorizon implant placements followed up with a custom designed fixed bridge.

    The entire treatment was provided during one appointment, with the patient leaving the office with a functional prosthetic. Material provided by Dr. Richard Winter, Milwaukee WI

  • Creative Tooth Replacements for Periodontitis

    Periodontitis Grafting Surgery Periodontitis left untreated for too long can destroy all of the important elements for normal jaw function, the ability to eat normally or eat favorite foods due to significant if not total loss of teeth, bone and connective tissue.

    See actual treatments used to refortify maxillary bone sufficient to accommodate a denture prosthetic and the use of a cantilevered fixed bridge that permitted a longer span of teeth on a lower jaw that sustained enormous loss of bone.

    Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy Michigan MI

  • Periodontitis Full Mouth Reconstruction Case #2

    Gum Disease Cure Another example of how an upper arch with significant bone loss can be augmented with popular graft products and procedures to create a tight fitting upper denture.

    The lower jaw had sufficient bone to create a cantilevered hybrid implant supported fixed porcelain bridge product providing the full complement of 12 new porcelain teeth. Normalized occlusion and bite was recreated with a functionally matched upper denture.

    Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy Michigan MI

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