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Bone Grafting Surgery Videos

  • Failed Root Canals: Extraction and Socket Grafts
    Bad Root Canal Socket Grafts WARNING - This video clip is extremely GRAPHIC - Watch how 2 teeth with failed root canals are extracted followed up with immediate socket grafts to start regrowing bone that will be needed for future implant replacements. Deliberate extraction protocol prevents common bone loss associated with extractions. GTR membranes added for optimizing bone regneration. Footage created by Dr. Edward Brant of Long Island NY.

  • Bone Graft Surgery - Lower Jawbone
    Puros Allograft Ossix Membrane Surgery WARNING - This video clip is extremely GRAPHIC - Live Surgery involving mutliple extractions, creation of a Perio Flap to expose the bone ridge and suturing is displayed. A daring film clip designed to create a visual outline of the surgical sequences followed in a typical extraction and bone grafting treatment. Puros Allograft is applied as needed in compromised bone areas. Temporary - provisional implants (IPI) are placed in healthy bone to accommodate a temporary prosthesis while bone grafts heal. An Ossix membrane is also sutured into two locations for maintaining successful bone regeneration.

  • Chin Block Graft Surgery - Autogenous Bone Grafting
    Autogenous Bone Grafting WARNING - This video clip is extremely GRAPHIC - This multimedia presentation is comprised of detailed still photography that outlines the steps and procedures in a more radical form of replacing bone in the jawbones that uses the best source of graft material... that of the patient. EXTREME CLOSEUP PHOTOGRAPHY shows the harvesting process of creating Chin Block Graft material that is subsequently used for rehabilitating and re-fortifying areas of the jawbone that are the weakest. provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee WI

  • Jaw Trauma Rehabilitation Procedures
    Traumatic Injury Bone Grafting Trauma to the anterior teeth and upper jaw is a common injury caused by auto accidents and contact sports. Watch and see how a male patient who sustained 2 broken front teeth and a fractured central incisor was treated with bone graft products and procedures for recreating lost bone and eventual tooth replacements with implants. Multiple uses of GTR and collagen membranes are used. Footage created by Dr. Edward Brant of Long Island NY.

  • Avoiding Bone Grafting - Minimally Invasive Extractions
    No Jaw Bone Loss Extractions A live clip showing the use of minimally invasive atraumatic tooth extraction instruments that eliminate or minimize the usual bone loss that can occur with traditional tooth extractions. Watch basic pre-extraction procedures that include a small pilot hole and preliminary severing of ligaments. Extraction occurs literally within seconds. Recommended viewing for prospective implant patients.

  • Sinus Lift Surgery
    Sinus Cavity Lift Bone Grafting Edited for graphic content and time constraints, this media segment outlines the process and procedures for performing a Sinus Lift surgery. See actual surgery sequences involved for performing sinus lift surgery that is accompanied by the insertion of bone grafting material as needed to fortify a dental implant site. Material provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee WI

  • Sinus Lift Capsule Technology in Sinus Floor Grafting Surgery
    Sinus Lift An animated representation of the specialized capsule that can be incorporated into Sinus Lift surgery, developed by Osseous Technologies of America that can promote optimal treatment success for dentists and surgeons. Minimally invasive with custom instrumentation. Material provided through Dr. Ara Nazarian of Troy MI.

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