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FAQ:  Underbite

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Underbite Treatment - 16 year old: I recently turned 16 and went to see an orthodontist about my options to fix my underbite. He said I'd have to wait till im 18 in order to get oral surgery.

My underbite is really uncomfortable. I was wondering if there is any othe possible option to fix my underbite now. ...Visitor from CA

You should probably go for a second opinion (another orthodontist). Your orthodontist was correct in indicating that you should be 18 to have a surgery.

However, you could have a Bite Splint made now that would likely ameliorate your discomfort.

See another orthodontist that treats Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) to confirm that surgery is the right treatment for you, and then discuss with that doctor the appropriateness of a bite splint.

Editorial Staff

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