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FAQ:  Underbite

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Underbite treatment leads to overbite: My daughter is 14 years old and she is being treated for Class III malocclusion.

We went to 4 different orthodontists before we decided to proceed and all of them recommended the same treatment until she decides to have surgery later on. So she had an arch expander for 3 months and now braces for a year.

She is supposed to have braces for another year at least. However she developed a severe overbite, where she cannot bite at all and her tongue slips out when she talks at the point where she is afraid to talk.

Is this considered normal or I should take her for a second opinion? ...Visitor from Ontario

It sounds like this treatment wasn't monitored well.

You might want to get some second opinions from other orthodontists....but not just one.

Returning to the current orthodontist may not be in the best interests of your daughter.

Finding a care giver that builds in a routine of monthly (or similar) checkups provides a means for the parents AND orthodontist to closely monitor changes so they occur with a certain level of expectation and achevement of certain mid-treatment milestones.

Editorial Staff

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