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Bone Grafting Surgery: Treatment Example

Periodontitis - Before Extractions

Mirrored Image of Maxilla

Mirrored Image: Sutures and Bone Grafts

Maxillary Bone Growth
Two Weeks Later: Extractions + Bone Grafts
Bone grafting involved in multiples extractions typically take the form of Socket Grafts wherein each hollow extraction site is cleaned (all diseased tissue removed) and prepared for specialized grafting material that can be synthetic or synthetic combined with pulverized bone. Specialized membranes may be used to accelerate the healing process. Assuming blood supply is ample, grafting procedures as pictured here can be very successful, providing future opportunities for the use of standard or traditional dental implant devices that can then be used for restoring individual tooth structures or for implementing fixed bridge or implant supported denture solutions.

Material, case study and photos provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy Michigan.

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