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FAQ:  Tooth Eruption

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My son is 9 months old. He's got two top teeth and two bottom teeth. I noticed recently that on his upper right tooth it appears as if another tooth is growing in right behind it.

I can see a white part, but it looks flat, not pointy? What can this be? Is it his side tooth growing in extremely crooked? Will it hurt as it erupts if it hits into his front tooth?

Any reason to be concerned? ... Visitor from CA

It appears that an unusual developmental issue is operating.

It could be a normal tooth that is erupting in the wrong location or even a malformed "extra tooth" beginning to form.

The best resource for evaluating tissue level dynamics of this event is a Periodontist who can determine the best method for assuring normal development of overall dentition. Some periodontists can create the conditions necessary for moving the tooth into its proper location... without the use of braces.

Editorial Staff

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