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FAQ:  Tooth Eruption

Pictures: Super Eruption

My 9 month old son has his first four teeth in, but recently I found a fifth -- behind the front bottom two close to where his tongue attaches to the bottom of his mouth.

What should I expect when I take him in? Will the dentist want to pull it, or leave it alone? Do you have any advice?

First, your child is right on time with the eruption of his teeth. I'm assuming that he has 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. If you are seeing another tooth behind one of the bottom teeth, it is one of three things. It is either a supernumary tooth, which is an extra tooth, however, you usually do not see these in the mandible or lower jaw.

Second, it is an additional cusp on the tooth. (it actually looks like an additional tooth; but is attached to the tooth) Third, it can be the eruption of his lateral incisor which is displaced. Each of these are things that you should not worry about and when you go to the dentist, nothing will be done.

Editorial Staff

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