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FAQ:  Tooth Eruption

Pictures: Super Eruption

Super eruptions: I've had a super-erupted tooth since being young - which lends to a crooked smile.

Can someone tell me the best method to correct the problem. And, is there a difference between cosmetic dentistry and regular dentistry? ... Visitor from NY

There are many ways to correct crooked smiles. We may want to remove the tooth, do braces, place implants, recontour the teeth, place veneers on the teeth, etc. The best thing is for you is to be seen so that the best solution to your wants are met.

The difference between are regular dentist and a cosmetic dentist is often the amount of schooling and the laboratories that are used. The cosmetic dentist is a person who will continue to educate themselves in the art of cosmetics, often times they will use better labs. And you should not leave the office until both you and the dentist are happy with the result.

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