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FAQ:  Tooth Trauma

My 2 year old son fell over a year ago and chipped his tooth. We went to the dentist and he got an x-ray of his front teeth. The root shows it is dying. The dentist wants to pull it.

He said it might cause damage to his other teeth or the adult teeth. I took him to another dentist to get a second opinion and he didn't get a x-ray of it but told me to just keep a watch on it. I don't know what I should do? ... Visitor from Suffolk

The first dentist is providing the "best advice"..... the worst advice that any patient can get is the "wait and see" approach.

Many accomplished dentists agree that the "wait and see" approach reflects a dental condition or possible treatment need that a dentist is oftentimes unfamiliar with, in terms of skill or experience.

For youngsters, any condition of disease or tissue compromise of a primary tooth should be REMOVED to assure that the underlying secondary tooth is not negatively affected.

Editorial Staff

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