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Oral Lesion Laser Treatments

New Developments in Periodontics

Oral Lesions - An Anatomy

Growths can occur on the inside of the mouth, most commonly on the inner cheek surfaces, on gums or gingival tissue and on the tongue. The causes or etiology of these lesions, aberrations or growths can be multiple.

Canker Sores - Aphthous Ulcers

This type of lesion appears inside the mouth. These lesions are essentially a small ulcer with a white or gray base and red border. They can occur in single or multiple instances.

Considered not contagious, they are often associated with immune system problems, viral infections and bacterial conditions. Even with treatment, they can become recurrent.

Aggravation of tissues, such as a cut or biting of the tongue or cheek can cause canker sores to appear. Stress and certain allergies can become a factor. Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's Disease also seem to be an influential factor.

Cold Sores

Periodontic Tongue Tissue Surgery Another common sore, often referred to as fever blisters or herpes simplex, are fluid-filled blisters that can become painful if untreated.

They often erupt around the lips and sometimes under the nose or around the chin. Considered contagious, these sores are caused by Herpes Virus Type 1. They are frequently confused with symptoms of a cold or flue.

Aphthous Laser Treatments

Aphthous ulcers, cold sores and other tongue lesions in many cases can be treated efficiently and comfortably with the use of a specialized laser. Dr. Nemeth's treatments typically bring immediate relief to painful sores and initiate a healing process that can be near complete within just a matter of days.

Lesion Removal  Southfield

Tongue Lesions - Tissue Removal

As seen in the adjacent pre-treatment photos, other lesions can appear without significant etiology. In this case, a growth occurred on a patient's tongue which eventually became quite painful.

Advanced laser technology was used to gently remove the unwanted tissue growth. Requiring only a few minutes of treatment, we isolated the affected tissue and removed it entirely.

Successful Lasing Photo Michigan The last picture in our treatment series representing post operative treatment shows well healed tissues at the site of the lesion.

Well tenured Laser Dentists can implement periodontic laser technologies in a variety of treatment plans for restorative and reconstructive dentistry.

Treatment of aphthous ulcers, many types of cold sores and other benign growths of unwanted tissue can be successfully managed with periodontal surgeries and/or laser treatments.

Oral Lesion Removal Complete Photo J. Nemeth, DDS

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